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Post  Tiamat on Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:59 pm

I thought I'd make a basic Marco guide here for reference.

Normals (not a full list):
2B - short ranged but quick low poke. great for oki mixups
2C - good anti air
6C - nice ranged poke
5D - two hit kick that is neutral on guard
1D - long range low poke
jB - fast air to air attack with good range that can crossup standing opponents
j2C - great jump in and crossup move

236A/236C - fireballs. A version is slow moving but recovers quickly, C version travels fast and causes techable knockdown
623A/623C - Marco's DPs. only the A version is throw invulnerable. C version is 2 hits and gives untechable knockdown. cancel the first hit of the C version into his supers for strong combos.
214A/214C - mostly a combo move, A version is faster but techable while C version is slower but untechable and greater range. both are quite unsafe on block
214B/214D - haomaru wants his move back. hits overhead/high. B version is safe on guard but D version is not. both can be canceled by holding the button. this is useful for baiting gatchis and doing mixups. these moves can pass over some fireballs

236A/236C - Char-sui will fly forward and breathe fire downward lasting for several hits. C version travels farther before attacking and does more damage. use C ver in corner for extra damage (speed seems about same)
236B/236D- Char-sui will fly directly forward and ram the enemy. B version travels on ground level, D version travels horizontally through the air. untechable

236236A/C - invincible and quick super.
236236B/D - also invincible (?) and does higher damage, but not as much horizontal range

Combos (damage tested on Urs):
2B2B 214A (230)
2B2B 623C xx 236236A/C (1039)
6C 214C (575)
5D (2hit) 623C (824)
5D (2hit) 623C xx 236236A/C (1271, oddly the other super will do less here)
6D 236236B/D (1313)
j2C 5A5B 214C (739)
j2C 5A5B 236236A/C (1216)
j2C 1D 214C (727, works from crossup hit)
j2C 1D 236236A/C (1212, works from crossup hit)

Heat Up combos:
throw > 236B (1515)
corner 236C > 6B (hit) > (236C hits) > j2C c.C 214C (1287) *enough time for repeat in corner if they stand up and fall for it again

Gatchi Drive combos:
6G jC jD 623C (859)
6G jC jD 623C xx 236236B/D (1408) note: delay the jD (but not the second jump itself) so that you connect rather low to the ground and stay close
3G 214[D] c.C 5D (2 hit) 623C (999)
3G 214[D] c.C 5D (2hit) 623C xx 236236B/D (1536)

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Marco Guide Empty Re: Marco Guide

Post  LiSyaoran on Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:30 pm

Awesome. Thnx

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